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Related EE Activities

Summary of Previous, Ongoing and Planned Building EE Technology Projects in Malaysia
Project Name
  • Capacity Building
    • IRP (DANIDA)
    • DSM project in ST (DANIDA)
  • Demonstration Projects
    • MEGTW LEO Building, Putrajaya
    • PTM GEO building
    • ST Low Energy Office Building, Putrajaya
  • Bldg EE Technology Applied/Demonstrated
    • Energy benchmarking system, information sharing network on energy efficiency technologies
    • Revision of MS 1525, Establishment of an Energy Information Bureau at PTM
    • Energy Management, initial steps towards building Energy Benchmarking
    • Building envelope, space organization, low energy office equipment, day lighting, motion sensors
    • Building envelope,day lighting and lighting automation, BIPV, low E office equipment, demand controlled HVAC and Fabric Energy Storage technology, Renewable energy systems
    • Building envelope, lighting and HVAC technologies
  • Source: BSEEP Project Documents

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