Centralised Building Energy Efficiency Database (CBEED) set up in 2012 to addresses the challenges in getting hold of comprehensive, up-to-date and quality information on Energy Efficiency buildings in Malaysia. It involves the design and development of an institutional mechanism for the establishment of a centralized building energy database system.



To bridge the adequate and apparent accessible information for the adoption of EE technologies and practices has been the goal of this team. Based in Environment and Energy Branch, with current four officers.

  • 561226-01-5513

    lr. Cheong

    National Project Director, BSEEP
    Director of Environment and Energy Branch,
    Public Works Department Malaysia.

  • kevin

    lr. Kevin Hor

    National Project Director, BSEEP

  • kaler

    CK Tang

    Lead Consultant, BSEEP
    (Hons)B.Eng Mechanical Engineering

  • nic-chin

    Nic Chin

    Consultant, BSEEP
    (Hons)B.Eng Mechanical Engineering

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