Date: Monday, February 12, 2018

Public Works Department expresses sincere appreciation and gratitude for the service of YBHG. DATO 'Ir. HAJI HAMIZAN BIN MOHD INZAN, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING, PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT, which will end his service as a civil servant on 14 February 2018.

He started his career as a Civil Engineer on October 01, 1980 and his first placement was as Building Engineer at JKR Pekan, Pahang. During his 37 years of service, he has served in various grades of positions and places as follows;

1) 1980 - 1981: Civil Engineer, Pekan JKR Pekan, Pahang

2) Year 1981 - 1984: Civil Engineer, Rompin District JKR, Pahang

3) Year 1984 - 1987: Senior Civil Engineer, JKR State of Kedah

4) Year 1987 - 1993: District Engineer, Kubang Pasu District JKR, Kedah

5) Year 1993 - 1999: District Engineer, Kluang District JKR, Johor

6) Year 1999 - 2003: Principal Assistant Director of Road, JKR State of Johor

7) Year 2004 - 2005: Principal Assistant Director, Corporate Management Branch, IP JKR Malaysia


He has also held directorships in several branches namely;

1) Year 2005 - October 2008: Director, Corporate Management Branch, PWD Headquarters Malaysia

2) October 2008 - July 2013: Director, Road Maintenance Facilities Division, Maintenance Engineering Branch, JKR Headquarters Malaysia

3) August 2013 - March 2016: Director of Selangor State Public Works Department

4) March 2016 - 14 February 2018: Director of Transport Infrastructure Engineering Branch, JKR Headquarters Malaysia


He is one of the directors responsible directly in the restructuring of JKR in 2007 which has changed the organisational structure of JKR from self contained to matrix system. Through this restructuring,


1) The organisational structure of JKR is divided into Business Sector, Specialist Sector and Management Sector which is led by the post of Deputy Director General of Jusa A Grades;

2) creation of Specialis Sector involving an increase of posts from various grades including Senior Director of the Special Branch;

3) the creation of a Maintenance Engineering Sector led by Senior Director Jusa B;

4) the creation of the Complex Project Management Branch headed by the Senior Director.


In addition, he has also increased the number of Grade C positions in JKR from 20 to 33 in 2007.


On behalf of the public service, he has received some recognition, among others;

a) State Government Award

1) Kedah Excellent Star (B.C.K): 1988

2) Community Service Star (B.K.M): 1990

3) Maharaja Pahang Maharaja (D.I.M.P): 2006

b) Awards in the Service

1) Excellent Service Award (APC) of 1993

2) Excellent Service Award (APC) Year 1995

3) Excellent Service Award (APC) of 1998

4) Excellent Service Award (APC) of 2004

5) Special Achievement Award (API) Year 2010 - Individual Level

6) Excellent Service Award (APC) Year 2014


c) Recognition of professional qualifications and competencies as follows;

1) Member of the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (6494)

2) Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM) Activity Committee 2009-2011 & AJK REAM (Council Member) 2011 - up to now

3) Honorary Secretary General of the Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia (REAAA) Session 2009 - 2012


d) In addition, he also presented papers at the departmental, national and international levels;

1) Presenting papers at the 8th HORA Meeting in Incheon City, South Korea on September 24, 2009 in conjunction with the 13th Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia Conference.


YBhg. Dato 'Ir. Haji Hamizan Bin Mohd Inzan has provided valuable services and contributions to JKR in particular and in the country in general. May he and his family always be in good health, always blessed by Allah, blessed with health and happiness and receive the blessings and rejoices of Allah SWT.

Happy retirement, YBhg. Dato 'Ir. Haji Hamizan Bin Mohd Inzan.