Organization Profile

Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) Malaysia has been established ever since 1872 and operates as the technical expert to the Government of Malaysia. JKR is responsible in establishing development projects and infrastructure preservation to the various boards of ministries, departments, statutory bodies and state governments, such as roads, buildings, airports, harbors and piers.

Our functions

JKR is responsible for:

  • Planning, design and construction of infrastructure ventures such as roads, government buildings, airports, harbors, piers and  related engineering works.

  • Maintenance of roads and selected government buildings; and

  • Technical advisory services to the Federal Government, as well as states and districts.

Organization Structure

Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia is leaded by a Chief Director of Public Works, assisted by three Deputy Chief Director of Public Works. Administration of the Public Works Department obscures the whole country except for Sabah and Sarawak. Please refer to our organisational structure. For administrative functions, JKR Malaysia is divided into two which is at the level of Headquarters and State.


JKR Headquarters Malaysia

At Headquarters, departments are handled by three major business segments with 14 branches below it. For more information about the business sectors, management and specialists and its branches are as follows:

Business Sectors

  • Road Branch
  • General Building Works Branch
  • Education Branch
  • Contract and Quantity Surveying Branch
  • Health Branch
  • Security Branch

Management Sector

  • Corporate Management Branch
  • Maintenance Engineering Branch
  • Federal PWD
  • Kesedar PWD
  • State PWD

Specialist Sector

  • Architecture Branch
  • Civil Engineering, Structural & Bridge Branch
  • Mechanical Engineering Branch
  • Electrical Engineering Branch
  • Air Base and Maritime Branch
  • Environment & Energy Efficiency Branch

PWD Headquarters is trustworthy for the planning and design of expansion projects, observe the implementation of projects, and the provision of policies, guidelines and technical opinion to the State PWDs, Federal PWDs, State Department of Water Affairs and PWD Special Unit.

State PWDs, Federal Territories PWDs, Special Unit PWDs and Department of Water Affairs

State PWD
State PWD is headed by a Director and is accountable for designing, implementing and land development projects maintenance such as roads and government buildings, as well as water supply for the state of Perlis. In other states, either water supply services were corporatised or privatized.

State PWD directly responsible to the State Governance for all states’ project and supported with advice by PWD Malaysia Headquarters.

At the same time, the State PWD also in a straight line responsible to KPKR for federal projects in all states (except JKR Sabah and Sarawak).

Federal Territory PWD
There are three Federal Territories of PWD:

  • Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory PWD,
  • Labuan Federal Territory PWD,
  • Putrajaya Federal Territory PWD.

Each Federal Territory PWD headed by a director who reports directly to KPKR.

Federal Territory PWD is responsible for implementing development projects and preserve restricted government buildings in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya. In addition, the Federal Territory PWD also upholds water supply and roads in Labuan.

PWD Special Unit
PWD Malaysia has a special unit for implementing, synchronizing and monitoring the federal construction projects, the Federal Regional Authority or exceptional projects. These units are supervised by a director who reports directly to KPKR. Special units of the PWD consists Federal Development of PWD for Kelantan and Sabah, KESEDAR PWD Regional Development and PWD Special Projects South Gate.

District / Colony PWD and Water Supply Department
Each these offices is headed by a District Engineer or Regional Engineer (for Kelantan), which reports precisely to the Director of Public Works or the State DWA (for the state of Perlis) to implement and maintain projects of the Federal and State Governments.

JKR Strategic Plan

In order to support the implementation of the National Mission and Vision achievement, JKR has developed a Strategic Plan which is in sequence with the five momentum of the National Mission as a steer in implementing the strategy. The strategic plan facilitates us to:

  • JKR portrays the ability to initiate value that will be anticipated by all stakeholders. This will be the focal point of the strategy.
  • Exhibiting our precedences and linkages between the goals and the way we accomplish that goal.
  • Depict the role of Sector, Branch, Units, groups and individuals in comprehending the strategy of JKR. Internal Process and Learning and Growth perspectives are the enabler for stakeholders and customers.
  • Connecting scorecards in each tier of JKR organization and coordinate aligned with the Strategic Plan.