Project Management Servcies

In the field of project management, we are implicated in planning, designing, implementing and monitoring projects. During the completion of a project, we need to get along with time, resources and quality in order to conclude the project to meet its objectives and customer requirements.

There are two techniques to execute our projects:

  • Conventional methods
  • Design and Build methods


By using conventional techniques, all the planning and design prepared in-house. The construction phase is carried out by our appointed contractor through a tender process. For the surveillance and scrutinizing, we have an option whether to do it manually or engage the consultant to do it.

Design and Build

For projects conceded out design and build, we will ascertain your statement. The next process will outset from planning, design and construction and monitoring will be through by contractors. At the construction juncture, we perform the excellence role of auditors will also monitor the project on definite conditions.

All levels of project management are conducted either through conventional means or processes of design and build are bound to Quality Management System (QMS). This system is part of our attempt to acquire high quality and consistent products through process control.