Price Guidelines and Technical Instructions (Road) 2002 Public Works Department

Technical Instructions (Street) 1/85 (Pind.1 / 89)
Manual On Design Guidelines of: Longitudinal Traffic Barrier

RM 4.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 2A / 85
Manual on Traffic Control Devices: Standard Traffic Signs:

RM 12.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 2B / 85
Manual on Traffic Control Devices: Traffic Sign Applications

RM 7.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 2C / 85
Manual on Traffic Control Devices: Temporary Sign Control and Work Zones

RM 15.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 2D / 85
Manual on Traffic Control Devices: Road Marking and Delineation

RM 6.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 2E / 87
Manual on Traffic Control Devices: Signs Design Guide Application

RM 13.00

Technical Instructions (Street) 3/85 (Pind.1 / 88)
Guidelines for Process Development Bank Federal Road

Tidak dijual

Technical Instructions (Street) 4/85 (Pind.1997)
The Installation of Application for Public Utilities Services Within the Road

Tidak dijual


First Schedule - Guidelines for PWD Engineers
Second Schedule - Instruction to Applicants

RM 11.00

Technical Instructions (Street) 5/85
On Pavement Design Manual

RM 5.00

Technical Instructions (Street) 6/85 (Pind.1 / 88)
Guidelines for Presentation of Engineering Drawings

RM 8.00


Price Guidelines and Technical Instructions (Road) 2002 Public Works Department

Technical Instructions (Road) 7/85
Guidelines for the Preparation Acquisition Plans Behind the Land of the Federal Road Project

RM 3.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 8 / 86A
Guide On Geometric Design of Roads

RM 12.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 9/86 A
Guidelines for the Installation of Kilometre Post

Not for sale

Technical Instructions (Road) 10/86
A Guide To The Design of Cycle Track

RM 4.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 11/87
A Guide To The Design of At-Grade Intersections

RM 14.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 12/87
A Guide To The Design of Interchanges

RM 14.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 13/87
A Guide To The Design of Traffic Signals

RM 12.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 14/87
Model Terms of Reference for Detailed Ground Survey
And Engineering Design of Roads

RM 6.00

Technical Instructions (Road) 15/97
Intermediate Guidelines to Drainage Design of Roads

RM 30.00

Technical Note (Road) 18/97
Basic Guidelines on Padestrian Facilities

RM 12.00

Technical Note (Road) 19/97
Intermediate Guidelines to Road Reserve Landscaping

RM 20.00

Technical Note (Road) 20/98
Design Review Checklist for Road Projects

RM 25.00

Construction Supervision Manual for Contract Road Works

RM 60.00


Price Guidelines and Technical Instructions (Road) 2002 Public Works Department

Guidelines for Inspection & Testing of Road Works

RM 30.00

A Guide to the Visual Assessment of Flexible Pavement Surface Conditions

RM 20.00

Interim Guide to Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Flexible Road Pavement

RM 20.00

Interim Guide on Identifying, Prioritising and Testing Hazardous Locations on Roads in Malaysia

RM 30.00

Guidelines for the Environmental Impact Assessment of Highway/Road Project

RM 60.00

Standard Specification for Road Works

RM 22.00

Road Safety Audit Guidelines for the Safety Audit of Roads and Road Project in Malaysia

RM 200.00

A Guide to good quality control practices on asphalt production and construction (book & CD)

RM 27.00 each

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