Consult Services

As a advisor to the government, we are concerned in: Project Planning and Design, and Deliver Professional Input. A range of forms of projects conceded by JKR. The general ones are roads and highways, government buildings (such as schools, offices, quarters, mosques, hospitals, etc.), piers, ports and airports. Our customers are the Ministry of Public Works and agencies of government.

Planning and Design

In the field of planning and design of the project, we embarked on by assembling information that can facilitate us in examining the feasibility of the project. After that, we prolong the design course to construct a plan. We use software design and CADD (state-of-the-art computer-aided design and drafting) to assist us in the design of architecture, structures, roads and drafting.

Professional Input

In common, the professional input of technical advice and research. For example, we provide suggestions to the government / our customers concerning actions to be engaged in the event of failure of structures and landslides.