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Partnering requires moving the traditional relationships towards a shared culture without regards for organizational boundaries. This partnering relationship is based upon trust, dedication to common goals, understanding each other’s individual expectations and values. Partnering put ethics back into business. It has been described as going back to how we do busines’s and putting the handshake back into business.

What Is It?

Going back to the way people used to do business, when a person’s word was their bond and people accepted responsibility. Partnering is not a contract, but recognition that every contract includes an implied covenant of good faith (The Associated General Contractors of America:1992:2).
Partnering establishes a moral charter among all stakeholders to which binds each party to act in the interest of the project and the stakeholders. Partnering is a workshop-based process that aligns JKR, the contractor and the client and that helps these parties to collectively identified and resolve problems between them.

Why Use It?
Partnering establishes the working relationships among stakeholders through a mutually-developed, formal strategy of commitment and communication. The relationship is based upon trust, dedication to common goals, and understanding of each other’s individual expectations and values.

Benefits of Partnering include:

· Promotes teamwork and open communication

· Aligns the parties to deliver project outcomes

· Reduces potential for litigation

· Reduces end cost

· Improves work processes

· Enables flexibility to deal with scope and environmental change

How Does It Work?
Partnering is a structured management approach to facilitate teamwork across contractual boundaries. Its fundamental components are formalised mutual objectives, agreed problem resolution methods, and an active search for continuous measurable improvements.

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