In order to achieve the state in offering the best service to the people, PWD outwards through the vision and mission of this department are:


To become a world-class service provider and centre of excellence in asset management, project management and engineering services for the development of the nation’s infrastructure through creative and innovative human capital and state-of-the-art technology.


PWD mission is to be a factor to national improvement by:

  • Helping our customers grasp the basic information and providing services through collaborations as a strategic partner.
  • Standardized our procedures and systems to deliver results dependable services.
  • Provides asset management services and an effective and pioneering project.
  • Strengthen existing engineering expertise.
  • Developing human capital and new competencies.
  • Prioritizing integrity in delivering the service.
  • Fostering a well-proportioned relationship with the community.
  • Preserving the environment in service delivery.


As Principal Consultant to the Government of Malaysia, the Department of Public Works objectives are to:

" Yield the product and execute the maintenance services that congregate the quality, cost and time are set to accomplish the optimum benefit asset".



Malaysia Public Works Department (PWD) is created for :

  • It serves as a strategic partner to our customers in achieving government policy success

  • Be a leader in asset management, project management and engineering excellence for the country

  • Provide state infrastructure



Malaysia Public Works Department (PWD) has been established since 1872 and serves as a technical agency to the Government of Malaysia. JKR is responsible for implementing infrastructure development and maintenance projects to various ministries, departments, statutory bodies and state governments such as roads, buildings, airports, ports and jetty.