Ir. Dr. Hj. Mohamad Nor bin Omar

Director of Roads and Geotechnical Engineering Branch

Administrative Assistant (Secretary):
Puan  Zaleha bt. Said

Office Address:
Roads and Geotechnical Engineering Branch
Ibu Pejabat JKR Malaysia
Tingkat 26, Menara PJD
No. 50, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

No. Tel : 03-2618 4651
No. Faks : 03-4041 2024



Providing expert advice and technical consultancy in the field of geotechnical to all those who need to focus on quality, cost and time.



Geotechnical Engineering Branch consists of three parts, namely the Road Engineering, Road Safety and Geotechnical Engineering Division. All three parts have separate functions, namely: -

1) Road Engineering Division

  • Designing roads and related activities. There are three categories of design practiced and the scopes of work involved are as follows: -

  1. Design by departments

  • Concept design acceptance of the project after receiving the brief.

  • Perform the preliminary design, detailed design, preparation of a list of materials and engineering drawings.

  • Develop a plan of land acquisition, layout plan and other ultiliti related.

  • Preparation of tender documents.

        ii. Design by consulting engineers

  • Review the design prepared by the consulting engineers such as geometric, pavement, profile and other related matters.

  • Review the list of items and engineering drawings.

         iii. Design for design and build

  • Review design concepts.

  • Review the detailed design.

  • Review the list of items and engineering drawings.

  • Review plans for land acquisition, utility layout plan and other related issues.

  • Counsel for the preparation committee and updating some guidelines as follows: -

i. List of Substances.
ii. Preparation Checklist For The Work Plan.
iii. Formulation Method of Measurement Standards.


2) Road Safety Departments.
To coordinate associated policies so that the road safety programs and safety can be implemented in order to accomplish the government's aim to prevent and reduce road accidents across the country.
This is dependable to government's target of reducing death rates from road accidents to 3 deaths per 10,000 vehicles in 2010. Among the main tasks are: -

  • To guide Road Safety Audit coordinators purposely designed by the consultants for projects run
    by the Roads Branch of PWD Headquartres Malaysia.

  • Directing the work that Road Safety Audits are agreed out for projects specifically designed for the department by Federal Roads.

  • Leading the work of a road safety audit that was conducted for existing roads.

  • Approve the plan management system and traffic engineering.

  • Lead and provide advice to the State PWD, Road Branch and PWD Headquarters auditing work on road safety.

  • Approve study report “Traffic Impact Assessment” and the review of any roadside development application in terms of safety.

  • Represent department at national and international level in the field of road safety.

  • Leading the work of coordination with the state party in implementing Security Program.

  • Lead the coordination with the state party in implementing the development of Program Motorcycle Alley.

  • Lead the coordination with the state party in civilizing the Improvement Hazardous Area Program.

  • Counsel for safety related studies of engineering aspects.

  • Leading the examining and monitoring work of the programs implemented.

  • Planning and leading the crash investigation services in the accident areas.

  • Leading research planning for accident data.

3) Geotechnical Engineering Division
The unit is operating and monitoring projects across the country which estimated at more than 100 projects. Among the main functions are: -

  • Manage the work of soil investigation (S.I.) and execute basic analysis of the decision to design basic road as new roads or roads that will be upgraded.

  • Assist in reviewing design work (which is done in-house) for road construction in geotechnical engineering.

  • Review geotechnical design report prepared by a consultant.

  • Manage advisory services in the field of geotechnical to PWD