Director of Environmental & Energy Efficiency Branch

Rohaiza binti Abdul Aziz
Special Assistant

Environmental & Energy Efficiency Branch,
Tingkat 23, Menara PJD,
No 50, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone : 03-26187701
Fax     : 03-40411988
E-mail  :Alam [at]



Environmental & Energy Efficiency Branch composed of multidisciplinary and dedicated expertise with a passion in implementing the Environmental and Energy Policy for a sustainable development of the country.



Environmental & Energy Efficiency Branch strives to develop the quality and environmental and energy services to meet the objective of JKR and majorly referred department. Environmental & Energy Efficiency Branch is also devoted to implementing environmental quality management system and energy efficient and sustainable.


  • Guarantee aspects of environmental management are remained to and implemented in
  • construction projects under the supervision of JKR, and also makes appropriate instructions, manual updating and environmental management system procedures MS ISO 14001 JKR.
  • To be a source of reference and as an advisor in the field of environmental engineering expertise.
  • Create awareness to protect and conserve the environment to every member of JKR in particular and the public in general.
  • Reduce wasteful use of energy for the JKR projects.
  • Applying the concept and characteristics of the overall energy efficiency in the design passively and actively.
  • Reducing Carbon footprint.
  • Save operating and maintenance expenses.



Environment and Energy Branch is dependable for ensuring that development projects handled by the JKR do not have a negative impact on the environment. The functions of the Environment and Energy Branch are as follows:

  1. Provide environment expert advice to the client.
  2. Conduct audits of the environmental management system implementation MS ISO 14001 in PWD projects
  3. Monitor the work implementation on site in terms of environmental management while ensuring compliance with recommendations on mitigation and ensuring the effectiveness of the proposals to mitigate it.
  4. Raise awareness to protect and conserve the environment to every citizen of the JKR.
  5. To provide support services in administration, finance and human resources.
  6. Provide professional input of the environment, energy efficiency (KT) and renewable energy (RE) to top management, the branches and state JKR.
  7. Advice on alternative land surface protection with the use of plants and natural resources.
  8. Serve to control the sound management of the vehicles on the road, acoustic treatment for buildings and indoor environmental quality (IEQ).
  9. Formulate environmental and energy policy for department and to plan and implement an environmental management system ISO14000 and energy efficiency standards (KT) and renewable energy (RE) MS 1525: 2001, Guidelines & Regulation Standards and Economic Planning Unit Cost (2005).
  10. Plan and manage energy consumption in government buildings and implement programs / initiatives energy efficiency standards (KT) and renewable energy (RE) as well as cooperation with local agencies, regional and international.
  11. Human capital development in the environment, energy efficiency (KT) and renewable energy (RE).
  12. Introduce technology and innovation energy efficiency standards (KT) and renewable energy (RE) in the tropical building, design, construction and energy management.