Ir. Hj. Nasir bin Abdul Hamed

Senior Director

Fazilah binti Ahmad Adnan
Office Secretary

Office Address:

Mechanical Engineering Branch
Ibu Pejabat Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia
Tingkat 24-28, Blok G,
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

No.Telefon : 03 – 2618 9501
No. Fax.    : 03 – 2618 9510



1. Organize a mechanical system design work that gathers the standards, quality, time and cost.
2. Execute projects that encounter the mechanical system, quality, time and fixed costs.
3. Present maintenance of mechanical systems, vehicles, road construction plant and quarry plant fit in to the government that meets the quality, time and cost.
4. Handle assets consist of mechanical systems in the building, vehicle, road construction plant and quarry plant that belonged to 
JKR in order to meet the current needs of the division.
5. Provide technical consultancy involving to the field of mechanical engineering to government agencies and statutory bodies precisely as well as rapidly.



1. Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services
Carry out work mechanical design engineering in development projects undertaken by the Jabatan Kerja Raya either by Business Sector or very own CKM as such setting up, design and mechanical supervision services in government buildings until the deliverance of projects, including work maintenance subsequently. Mechanical services in the premises of government buildings is as follows:
    a) Air Conditioning and Ventilation System
    b) Hot Water System
    c) Fire Prevention System
    d) Dental Chair Equipment
    e) Water Supply and Internal Sanitary Systems

    f) Pneumatic Tube Systems
    g) Lift Systems
    h) Building Automation System (BAS)
    i) Crane Systems
    j) Air Compression Systems
    k) Booster Pump System
    l) Chamber Fumes Systems
   m) Medical Gas Systems
   n) Hydrotherapy Pool Systems
   o) Boiler and Steam Systems
   p) Burner Systems
   q) Penstril Systems
   r) Laundry Equipment Systems
   s) Kitchen Equipment and LPG Systems

   2. Project Management Services for Mechanical Engineering Project Execute project management services for mechanical services of national      development projects implemented directly by the CKM on its own. Mechanical services involved are as pointed out above.