Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Public Works Department expresses sincere appreciation and gratitude for the service of YBrs. Ir. Rozina bt Sudin, Head of State Electricity Engineer, JKR Perak who will end her service as a civil servant on 1st February 2018.

She started serving as a civil servant on 16 January 1992 and was stationed at JKR Perak as an Electrical Engineer. She was subsequently promoted to Senior Electrical Engineer on 1st April 2003 and retained on the same placement. In March 2009, she was transferred to Electrical Engineering Branch, JKR Headquarters Kuala Lumpur for four (4) years before being relocated to the Federal Electric Engineering Unit (Perak) in June 2014. On 16th April 2013, she was promoted to Chief Engineer State Electricity, JKR Perak State and chose to retire at 1 February 2018.

On behalf of the public service, she has received some recognition, among others;

a) Gifts (Kurniaan):

1) The Crown of Silver Crown Member (A.M.P): Year 2006

2) Perak Jubilee Recognition Certificate in conjunction with the Perak Jubilee Anniversary of the Perak Government Sultan Perak Darul Ridzuan: Year 2009

3) The Crown Prince of Perak (P.M.P): Year 2015

b) Awards

1) Excellent Service Award (APC) of 1999

2) Excellent Service Award (APC) Year 2008

3) JKR Special Achievement Award for the Project / Energy Manager category

     Certified Energy Manager AEMAS

4) JKR Special Achievement Award for the Project / Energy Manager category

     Certified Green Building MDEX Facilitator

c) In addition, she had also contributed ideas and expertise in the publication of books and guidelines as references to JKR employees as follows;

1) JKR Green Rating Manual (pHJKR)

2) Malaysian Carbon Reduction Environmental and Sustainability Tool (MyCREST)

3) Energy Effiency Guidelines For CKE Design

4) Standard Specification For Road Works - Section 8: Traffic Signal System

She has provided valuable services and contributions to JKR and the country in general. Hopefully she and her family will always be in good health, blessed and received Allah SWT blessings and rejoices.

Congratulations YBrs. Ir. Rozina bt Sudin, and happy retirement.