The second day of civil engineers meeting in 2015 began with the presentation of the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) by Ybhg. Dr. Aminuddin bin Hassim, Director of the National Strategy Unit, Ministry of Finance at 8.30 am. He explained that this initiative was initiated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak since he became Deputy Prime Minister by visiting its implementation of a private company. After becoming Prime Minister, the implementation of NBOS has been spurred by the main agenda of country to the target “High Impact, Low Cost and Rapid Execution”. He stated that, Malaysia is the only country that managed to implement NBOS in goverment service.

The ceremony proceeded with the second presentation titled National Center for Technical Excellence (PKTN) is placed next to d’Famosa Resort Malacca by Pn. Nor Fadzilah Ashaari from Training and Innovation Branch. She describes the planning of PKTN in terms of the project, learning modules and the challenges faced.

The third briefing presented by Ir. Hj Hashim bin Buyu, KPPK of Policy and Corporate Management Branch, entitled Development of Competence Sector (Soft Skills). He describes the personal competencies that should be have in a Civil Engineer include leadership, interpersonal and other characteristics that would help in perfoming such tasks as needed. Next presentation of Civil Business Plan 2016-2018 by Ir Zulakmal bin Sufian who describing plans and strategies in the development of the Business Plan aims to pomote public-displinary career with the competencies that needed to boost JKR to be tehnical agency which always relevant in the future.

Ceremony breaks at 12.30 noon and resumed at 2.30 with the briefing of Implementation Strategy Project 11th-RM by En. Roslan bin Abd Ghani, KPPK of Integrated Asset Planning Branch. He describes the physical model of development project implementation and the workload of the department during 9th-RM and 10th-RM. He also presented the JKR strategic initiative in implementing the 11th-RM.

Here is the list of speakers who presented the Achievement of Civil Business Plan 2016-2018:

Environmental Engineering – Ms. Zuraini binti Zainal, PPK of Environmental and Energy Efficiency Branch

Water Demand Management  Water Supply Eng – Ir. Hj Noor Azhari bin Zainal Abidin, General Director of the Energy Ministry, Green Technology and Water

Structural Engineering (Building) -  Ir. Nor Azman bin Ismail, KPPK of Civil and Structural Engineering Branch

Forensic Engineering (Building) – Dr. Maziah binti Mohammad, KPPK Civil and Structural Engineering Branch

Maintenance Engineering (Road) – Ir. Zailan bin Abd Rahman, KPPK of Road Facilities Maintenance Branch

Geotechnical Engineering – Ir. Abdul Hadi bin Abdul Aziz, KPPK of Geotechnical Engineering Branch

Slope Engineering – Ir. Dr. Che Hassandi bin Abdullah, Director of Slope Engineering Branch

District Engineer – Ir. Hj Hashim bin Buyu, KPPK of Policy and Corporate Management Branch

Second day Meeting of Civil Engineers 2015 ends at 9.30 pm